Dripwave Insulation

Our expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation system is designed to maximize air space behind foam insulation, while providing a drain plane that allows accumulated moisture to dissipate or escape. The DripWave system dramatically reduces the risk of mold and rot when compared with traditional one-coat stucco insulation methods.

DripWave Insulation

Our flagship product, DripWave, is a unique system
with a three-part design:


DripWave EPS panels with the ideal ratio of curves that maximize air gaps behind the panel, to ensure that water never rests against a point of failure.


Galvanized weep screed allows water to exit and air to enter at the bottom of the wall system


100% acrylic tape that is safe for polystyrene and is not damaged by UV rays

The DripWave Solution

Most insulation used on stucco homes is primarily a flat plane, which traps moisture behind the EPS foam, causing improperly galvanized nails to rust and water resistant building paper (WRB) to become saturated. When exposed to moisture over time, the WRB fails, causing the wall sheeting behind it to become saturated with water and swell. This creates a chain reaction that causes the 4’ x 8’ EPS foam panels to crown at the joints, cracking the exterior face of the stucco and allowing more water to enter the system.

StyTek provides a complete insulation system for stucco homes that solves the water intrusion problems that tend to occur with one coat stucco applications.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

StyTek’s modern manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California, produces DripWave EPS panels quickly and efficiently, with quality you can count on.

With our tongue and groove design, each piece nests perfectly with the next to ensure that moisture is controlled.

Large Volume Orders

Large Volume Orders

StyTek maintains a large supply of DripWave insulation panels to fulfill orders at a moment’s notice.

Our warehousing and fulfillment experts will ensure that you get your order quickly, when and where you need it.

West Coast Fast Delivery

West Coast Fast Delivery

We ship direct to distributors from our warehouse in Sacramento, California.

StyTek protects your shipment with careful packaging to ensure that DripWave panels arrive undamaged, ready to install.

No Mold! No Problem.

Mold and rot has been a persistent issue with traditional one coat stucco applications, causing millions of dollars in damages each year.
The DripWave system eliminates the major causes of water damage, resulting in a safer, more durable stucco application…without added steps or costs.